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Entrepreneurship minor

The courses of the Entrepreneurship Minor draw on the scholarly and practical entrepreneurship literature. They do not expect that you have already developed an understanding of the functional domains of business administration or small business management (e.g. strategy, marketing, accounting, HRM, finance, operations). We encourage you to take the two introductory courses of the minor (Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice and Female Entrepreneurship) before taking the other courses of the Minor. As this minor is delivered in English, your command of the English language in speech and writing should be good enough to actively prepare for, participate in, and contribute inside and outside of class.

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice EBC2171

The course Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practices aims at introducing students to a range of topics in the field of entrepreneurship and linking both entrepreneurial theory as well as practice. Critical questions like who, why, when and where start-ups embark on their entrepreneurial journey, are covered during this course. The course seeks to introduce the students to the vast literature about entrepreneurship and business start-ups and it challenges students to connect this literature to actual cases. The course covers aspects like entrepreneurial competences, regional eco-systems, opportunity recognition, appropriation, female and minority entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success, etc. From a more practical standpoint, it explores how to put together an entrepreneurial team, develop approaches for evaluating the market reception, and discover the value creation potential of one’s venture idea.

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Female Entrepreneurship EBC2172

Across the globe, increasing numbers of women are striking out on their own and they set up new businesses. In OECD countries, more women than men start businesses. The number of women being educated to degree level and above has also risen internationally. With the growing interest in women’s rights around the world, women’s economic empowerment and the recognition of its relevance have notably progressed too. Taking the perspective of women and entrepreneurship, this course takes a different approach on the role of the individual in the entrepreneurial process. As long as the dominant paradigm is to distinguish between entrepreneurship and female entrepreneurship, one could make the claim that a classical entrepreneur is seen as a male subject. The course does not aim to bring down gender barriers or be a strong activist voice for gender equality. Rather this course acknowledges that there are differences between the way men and women go about being entrepreneurs. This course strives to teach students the best from both worlds. The course will do so by focussing on entrepreneurship with different gender, economical, and cultural contexts and explore which lessons one may draw from these different contexts, both from an academic as well as from a practical perspective. Rooted in a strong academic base the course will consider entrepreneurial concepts in different contexts leading to context-rich learning and a better appreciation of diversified entrepreneurial solutions.[](https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/meta/403778/female-entrepreneurship)

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Social and environmental entrepreneurship EBC2147

This course will provide you the opportunity to learn how you can apply your knowledge and skills to address complex social and environmental problems. This course is structured around experiential problem-based learning, providing you the opportunity to synthesise theory and practice as you develop an idea for your own social and environmental enterprises. Topics will include: critically reviewing concepts; user centred-design of social and environmental enterprises; frameworks for understanding and strategizing; understanding and reporting social and environmental impact; and cross-sector collaboration.

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Tech Entrepreneurship EBC2144

The competencies you will acquire in this course will help you prepare for your own entrepreneurial journey. They will also be extremely valuable should you choose a career in managing technology at an established firm or within a public or private research lab. In particular university labs and corporate R&D department rely increasingly on professionals that help bridging the gap between science production (conference presentations, scientific publications, and patents) and commercial value creation (revenues, funding for scientific and applied research). In both settings efforts in research and development need to be legitimized and be able to answer to which extent they will ultimately result in economic performance—a core learning goal in this course.

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Special course request

You should apply via the Special Course Approval procedure via the My UM Portal. Please choose all courses of the minor you want to participate in or mention the name of the Minor programme you opt for in a note. Your request is assessed by your home faculty. After approval the request will be forwarded to the offering faculty who assesses if you can be registered (is there still place, do you meet entrance requirements etc.). After approval you will receive further information on the registration procedure. Need more help? Read the manual:

Special Course Request - Manual.