Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Maastricht University

A Shared Mission to Strengthen Regional SMEs

Stand Alone Programs

One of the main aims of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is to aid regional SMEs in their quest to become more innovative. Therefore we are constantly developing stand-alone programs to help SMEs to become more innovative. We have created the Build your Business program which is a 6 week program in which we together with entrepreneurs explore the foundations of their business and make a plan to increase the innovativeness both within the organization as well as in their interaction with their customers. A pilot of this program is now running in cooperation with the municipality of Maastricht. Next to this with have the more long-term Innovators Anonymous program in which we not only help SMEs plan to become more entrepreneurial but acitvely monitor their progress and aid them where neccesary.

Cooperation with regional partners

We collaborate in (eur)regional partnerships focussing on specific themes. At the moment we are collaborating with the province of Limburg, MKB Limburg and Zuyd Hogeschool in a so called SME deal focussed on increasing the innovative capability in family firms. Next to this we are working on a joined effort in increasing female entrepreneurship together with the Province of Liege, UCL of Leuven and RWTH Aachen. Next to this we cooperate with a number of stakeholders in combatting the adverse effects of the Covid-19 crisis on regional SMEs.

The Maastricht ecosystem

The Maastricht University entrepreneurial ecosystem is part of a broader campus ecosystem in Limburg; Brightlands. This public-private partnership works in an open innovation ecosystem that rapidly grows from four campuses in Maastricht, Sittard-Geleen, Heerlen and Venlo as a home to state-of-the-art facilities, fundamental and applied research offered to scientist, entrepreneurs, students and investors.


01 Brightlands Smart Services Campus, Heerlen

The Brightlands Smart Services Campus is an institute consisting of brilliant researchers and educators, innovative entrepreneurs, and companies leading the field of data science and smart services. It offers the latest R&D and knowledge infrastructures, on-campus education, science-oriented business support, and business development services.

02 Brightlands Campus Greenport, Venlo

At Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, the primary focus is on healthy nutrition. Innovators from business, science and education work together on innovations in healthy nutrition, future farming, and bio-circular economy. The Campus is located in a region in which the agri-food business is one of the most productive, sustainable and profitable in the world; food innovation is in the entrepreneurs’ DNA.

03 Brightlands Health Campus, Maastricht

The Brightlands Maastricht Health Campus aims to form one of the world’s leading locations for medical and biomedical research. The campus and surrounding area are home to a specialized referral, clinical and general hospital, a network of specialized clinics, a renowned university faculty specializing in health, medicine, and life sciences, and a leading faculty for psychology and neurosciences.

04 Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Sittard-Geleen

The Brightlands Chemelot Campus is a world-leading innovation location in smart materials and sustainable manufacturing and home to a vibrant and fast-growing open community of groundbreaking companies and knowledge institutes. It offers state of the art R&D and manufacturing infrastructures, on-campus education and science-oriented business support, capital, and business development services.