Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Maastricht University


The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is Maastricht University’s initiative to help startups thrive across campus. The Centre collaborates with all six schools at Maastricht University to strengthen the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to connect students, researchers and investors to equip the community with tools to move powerful ideas from concept to product.

Our goals

01 Education

One can be entrepreneurial in many different ways. Of course by starting one’s own firm. But also by being a game changer in an existing firm or organisation. We help students develop such entrepreneurial qualities with practical projects and research insights that allow applicability.

02 Incubation

The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation offers a program for those students and staff who want to explore the possibility of setting up their own business. This program encompasses two ten-week periods in which in the first ten weeks the feasibility and opportunities related to the proposed business ideas are explored.

03 Innovation

Our research has a strong focus on young, high-growth companies and the issues they face. Our research results in academic publications, teaching cases and books, which we hope will further advance the field of entrepreneurship in Maastricht and beyond.

Message by our rector

Rianne Letschert - Maastricht University

For me, female entrepreneurship is equivalent to female leadership. It’s important that women also take up senior positions in society, as research has repeatedly shown. Among the benefits are a greater focus on content rather than form, more effective meetings and better results. Unfortunately, many other surveys have found that many prejudices against female leaders still exist, both among men and women. That’s why gender-mixed selection boards and assessment committees are so important. Plus role models, of course. Unfortunately, women are still under-represented in executive positions, which certainly doesn’t help improve their public image, at all levels. I wish all those women who feel they’re capable of doing more an extra dose of guts and determination, as well as people around them who will encourage them to grow. And, by all means, go for it; jump in at the deep end, even if you’re not entirely sure whether you can do it. In that spirit, I once joined the Maastricht University Executive Board. I hope this will inspire other women to look beyond their current office desks and reimagine their roles in society.

– Prof. Rianne Letschert, Rector Maastricht University