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The Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is Maastricht University’s initiative to help startups thrive across campus. The Centre collaborates with all six schools at Maastricht University to strengthen the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Build your Business Case

Starting September 30th the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation will launch its inaugeral incubation program. Based on the Disciplined Entrepreneurship method as developed by MIT we will help starting entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial teams in going from idea to business case. We offer (online), workshops, personal coaching and the chance to create your very first pitch deck as a company.

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CEI is awarded MKB Deal

CEI is very proud to announce that, together with the Province of Limburg and MKB Limburg, we received funding from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to aid small family firms regarding their innovative capabilities. Furthermore CEI in cooperation with their partners is going to support these family firms in their process of succession, a crucial stage in the life of each family firm.

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Family businesses: greater resilience in times of crisis? The corona crisis is causing dramatic changes in society, and threatens the long-term continuity of many companies. Read our expert opinion by Associate Professor Anita Van Gils.

Familiebedrijven: een grotere veerkracht in crisistijd? (article in Dutch)

Mar 20, 2020 - Life in Times of Corona

The Corona virus and its effect on the economy forces us to take a hard look at the vulnerability of our current economic model. Most entrepreneurs find it hard to cope with this external shock. More information.

Jan 31, 2020 - Academia and Entrepreneurship

The academic interest regarding the field of Entrepreneurship is ever growing. During this academic colloquium we invite 4 experts in the field to present their latest contributions to the ever growing body of entrepreneurship literature. These experts are Kathryn Shaw (Stanford Business School), Morten Bennendsen (INSEAD Paris), Mirjam van Praag (Universiteit van Amsterdam), and Yona Rubinstein (London School of Economics). More information.

Jan 30, 2020 - Innovate Your Business in One Day

Innovation is the silver bullet in determining a firm's continued success. It therefore is good as a small or medium sized entreprise to regularly check your business model to see if you are not missing any opportunities. Collaborate with students of Maastricht University to do this check during this one-day program. Next to this we offer a variety of workshops aimed at increasing your innovative capabilities. More information.

Jan 29, 2020 - Start Your Business in One Day

Start your business in a day! During this interactive and workshop-filled day the CEI offers a program in which students can start their business in day. Starting from idea generation we very quickly take you through the most important steps in setting up your business and testing your business idea. More information.